Reaching, and always trying to exceed, the level of satisfaction that our clients demand is what motivates us. Innovating and providing the best service, through our activities and training abilities, as well as the equipment that we distribute, are our best tools.

The Energy Challenges team, a leader in the wind power sector, continues to innovate every day to provide our clients with the highest levels of safety, technical and quality standards, always satisfying their needs.

Our human team, our constant investment in R+D+i, and training allow us to provide our clients with the most advanced maintenance and operation techniques on a daily basis in the global wind power industry.




Innovating is our main reason for existing. We are always looking for new ways to improve safety, productivity, and respect for the environment; Because there are different ways of making things safer, more respectful to the environment and more economically feasible.

This is what drives us. Through our own engineering team, and in conjunction with leading companies worldwide, we develop new projects in the wind industry maintenance that provide new solutions for our clients.

Based on years of experience in the field, Operation and Maintenance of wind farms, in addition to the most advanced technical solutions, we offer new ways of doing things: more safety, more respectful to the environment and more economically feasible.



Predictive maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Corrective maintenance
PPEs yearly certifications
Blades, fiber, BoP & substation maintenance
Blades, nacelles, towers, and large components inspection
Nondestructive analysis (NDA)
Road surveys International and domestic transportation surveyors
End of Warranty (EoW) and performance inspection assessments

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Training is the most important investment asset in a company, that is why we have developed our own training center, both in person and online.

Our training center specializes in the areas of Safety, Quality and Technical Training. Our goal is to ensure that the people who are part of this team are based on the foundations of safety, quality, respect for the environment and optimization of the useful life of the equipment that is operated.



Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs)
Lifting Equipment and tooling
Special Tools
Hydraulic Equipment
Multi-brand spare parts and consumables
Blade repair materials
Maintenance and protection systems