Who we are

Energy Challenges is a company established by a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the field of renewable energy.

With a focus on innovation, safety and quality, as well as continuous training, we offer our clients the services in the field of renewable energies under the areas of Service, Quality Assurance, Training and Distribution.

We have a human and technical team prepared and ready to face any challenge in these fields, in the geographic areas we serve, always based on the knowledge of the technology market to provide service, as well as the most modern maintenance and operation techniques, both main equipment we serve, as well as auxiliary equipment, substations, and associated systems.

Our Services


Construction and operation
Lifting equipment
Non-destructive quality test
Maintenance audits and End of Warranty (EoW) inspections
Inspection of blades, nacelles and towers
Inspections of large components
Road surveys
Domestic transportation, packing and securing on board
Field logistics, and on-site delivery inspections


Predictive maintenance
Preventive maintenance
Corrective maintenance
Specialized maintenance, BoP Blades and fiber repairs (fixers)
Lifting equipment
maintenance, certification and inspections
Rotor, gearbox, generator and blades replacements



Personal protective equipment (PPE’s)
Lifting equipment
Special tooling
Hidrahulic equipment (special tools)
Spare parts
Blades and fiber materials
Predictive maintenance and protection systems.


Training is the best investment in the assets of any company, which Is why we developed our training center both online and in person. Our training center specialized in the following areas: Safety, Quality, and Technical. We seek to assure that the people who we train are based on criteria of safety, quality, respect for the environment, and the increase of useful life for the equipment that we operate.