Our products

Thermoelectric blankets

Consult our catalog of blade repair materials, spare parts and refractions of the main elements of the turbine, as well as our range of thermal blankets and special tools for any fiber repair in nacelle or blade. Our products are shipped directly from the manufacturer, avoiding reduction of expiration dates and waste of materials.

FR Uniforms

We distribute and market clothing and uniforms for dielectric and fire protection in accordance with the NFPA Class II standard. Check out our variety of garments related to protection at work, both light work (pants, shirts, t-shirts and polos) as well as winter coats, welding clothing and high visibility clothing along with waterproof clothing.

Protection gloves

Standard EN 388:2016
Anti-cut protection level 5
ANSI classification level 6


Special tooling

We are distributors of hydraulic equipment, both in torsion and torque, as well as movement and positioning. The distributed equipment meets CE requirements and can be customized to the needs of each application or client. The equipment can be maintained in its facilities, and reviewed annually, re-certified, following the manufacturer's breaks, and in strict adherence to the ISO: 17025 standards.

Personal Protection Equipment

We distribute, inspect, and maintain a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in accordance with the different standards and regulations applicable in different countries. This distribution includes head protection elements, respiratory, hand protection, protection at heights and electrical protection uniforms (category Class II FR), as well as rescue and signaling elements.