Innovation and Training



We love innovation. Actually, we have a dedicated business unit (Egoa Energía) which researches, innovates and implements the solutions we develop through our daily job on site. Thanks to this experience, and a direct relationship with our clients and utilities, we develop new innovative ways of maintenance, increasing the safety of the workplace, and improving the productivity of the facilities where we perform our service.
It’s very simple: we work in the field, we understand what it takes, and so we fight for improving the safety and productivity, working in part with our clients to achieve the same goals.



Training is the best investment in the assets of any company, which Is why we developed our training center both online and in person. Our training center specialized in the following areas: Safety, Quality, and Technical. We seek to assure that the people who we train are based on criteria of safety, quality, respect for the environment, and the increase of useful life for the equipment that we operate.