Flame Guard

Aerosol based fire suppression system with detection that is based on measuring all the areas of the nacelle simultaneously.

The installed linear heat detectors can sense heat anywhere along their length (100’ supplied) , which then initiates an alarm when the set activation temperature is achieved. Once activated, the system automatically deploys its aerosol extinguishing agent and warns the wind farm operation center about the event via email.

The system can automatically shut down the ventilation curtains, halting the refrigeration electric motors, activating the turbine’s emergency mode and notifying predetermined phones numbers and/or e-email addresses based on the systems chosen configuration.

FG1300 installed

System advantages

  • Immediate activation and real-time warning
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive extinguishing agent (SEE AREPA Whitepaper)
  • The system does not displace oxygen, allowing for a breathable environment in the event of a system trip.
  • Easy cleaning: The dust accumulated after the deployment of the system is vacuumable
  • Easy installation: pre-setup configuration and assembled equipment, minimizing downtime for installation
  • Minimum maintenance (annual)

Aerosol Generator shelf-life 15 years